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Photography by Veronika Read

Instagram: Veronika_read1

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Reading or watching someone’s story teaches us a lot, because we are being given an image of how is it like – to be that person. We watch movies, read books and even play games to become engaged in third person’s personal story. Thy we develop an empathy for others, we learn lessons for ourselves.

We transform other people’s situations and their way of taking it to our own experience and learn.

Learning someone else’s story is a great and simple way to encourage yourself, to inspire and to rise your social awareness. That’s why we love so much to study personal experience of people, who struggled, succeeded in life and became well-known enough to share their story with others. We want to know their way of thinking, so we can compare with our own or discover something totally new. We always looking for a good story, which will resonate with us.

I am sure, that anyone has a lot to share, as we all are living our unique lives.